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About Us

Romance Us Décor is an exciting, new décor platform dedicated to adding romantic designs on any private occasion. We are one of the leading platforms dedicated to offering you quality services and take pride in bringing romance back to couples and relationships across the country. We ensure and consider all your needs when organizing your private romantic celebration and event.


Services We Offer

We offer a number of wide range designs created to bring a smile to anyone surprised by our decor. Our team is made up of local designers with experience in unique design for any occasion, book an appointment and we’ll do the rest…

Free Consultation= At romance us décor, we have a team of experts ready to listen keenly to clients' needs and expectations which ultimately helps provide satisfactory services to our clients. At romance us décor, we meet our clients' expectations by gathering and collecting comprehensive details on the theme, date, and budget expected for the private event. Our planners for the private event clearly explain to clients the scope of the services, costing, and charges for the various products and services.

Remote Catering= We offer a wide range of remote catering services for couples. From Beachside sunset dinners to romantic picnics at any local park…  Choose any special destination within any of our service areas, book an appointment, and we will take care of the rest… all you have to do is show up!

Micro Weddings= Our micro wedding decor is designed to make your wedding simple, romantic as well as memorable… We take great pride in taking the stress out of planning a marriage and making it simple… Simply book an appointment, receive a call regarding your special day, and our designers will take care of applying the design in your home, hotel, or any private intimate venue…

Design Coordinators= Our design coordinators deal directly with clients regarding your personal budget, style, occasion as well as special request. Design coordinators take the lead in assigning each job the perfect designer to fit the clients needs…   



We strive to ensure that we work with the budgets set by our clients. We search for the various products that fit the desired budget and discuss the outcome with our clients. It's our responsibility to review bills or expenses from our service providers and confirm the accuracy before recommending and instructing the couple to make payments. If a couple does not have a clear set budget, we ensure that we meet their expectations of the day by coming up with an estimated or projected cost.


Types of events we cover

We specialize in private couples catering as well as private intimate celebrations. Our customers have the freedom to choose any of the romantic designs in the different categories, including home, picnic, hotel/room, anniversary, proposal, and honeymoon. We ensure that the private intimate event is designed according to your needs and specifications. 

WE DO NOT cover events with more than 1 couple. All of our private events are intimate couples celebrations.

Select any of our designs and schedule an appointment to make the romantic design of your choice a reality. Choose from any of our incredible categories from picnics, romantic hotels, romantic private occasions, to anniversaries, and have the most memorable and exciting moment of your life right at home...






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